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Enrollment and Withdrawal Processes

Welcome to Nation Ford High School. 

We cannot wait for your student to be a part of the
best high school in South Carolina!

 Enrollment Process

Below are the steps for enrollment at Nation Ford:

  1. Go to the Registration Gateway website to register your child.
  2. After completing the registration forms online, you will have the opportunity to make an appointment to come to the school to finish the registration process. Registration appointments usually take about an hour.
  3. Please bring the following information with you to the registration appointment:

- Child’s Original Birth Certificate

- Child’s Immunization Record – This needs to be on a South Carolina Certificate, which can be done at the Health Department in Rock Hill, SC.  Below is the link:

- Child’s Transcript/End of year Report Card from former school

- Proof of Residency:  Your child will not be enrolled until this document is provided,   so please plan accordingly.

  • If Renting - Please provide a copy of the lease that includes your child’s name on it if in an apartment, private home rental no need for child’s name.
  • If Own - A copy of the closing statement or title of the property.
  • If you are living with a relative, a Notarized Statement from the home renter/owner will need to be filled out and brought with you.  Please contact us ahead of your appointment, so we can send you the form to have it prepared for your appointment.

- $42.00 Registration Fee – Cash, card or Check (made to Nation Ford High School)

- A copy of his/her IEP/504 if applicable/available.

Please contact our registrar, Scarlett Westmoreland, via telephone or email if you have any questions.


Withdrawal Process

Transferring to another school:

If a student is withdrawing from Nation Ford High School to transfer to another school, then the student must formally withdraw before registering at a new school.  Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) need to contact the school registrar directly to set up a time to come in to withdraw. 

Please call or email Scarlett Westmoreland at 803-835-0015 or email to set up an appointment time.

When you come in for the appointment to withdraw, please have the following with you:

** The parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) will receive a copy of the withdrawal form along with an unofficial transcript for the student. 

 Please try to provide a minimum of two business days’ notice to expedite the process.

Online School, Adult Education, Job Core, and other withdrawal reasons.

Please call or email Scarlett Westmoreland at 803-835-0015 or email to set up an appointment time.

The student and parent will meet with the student’s counselor before being withdrawn from Nation Ford. 

For all withdrawals, the student’s parent or legal guardian must be present to withdraw the student.