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Attendance Policy

Welcome to Nation Ford High School's Attendance Page!

Here are a few important reminders:

Does your child have an appointment and you know about it in advance? Please send a note with the student for early dismissal and your student will be able to meet you at the car.  SO MUCH EASIER!  Have your son/daughter bring the dismissal note to the Student Services Office before school, between blocks or at lunch. The student will receive a dismissal slip. The student will then be able to leave the classroom and building as long as student has a dismissal slip in hand. 

If you are coming into the school to dismiss your student, it is very important to:

* Bring in your driver’s license/other ID (Passport, etc.)

*  Please bring your cell phone into the building– you will need to scan a QR code with your phone to have a  contactless dismissal.

A student returning the same day must provide an excuse that is consistent with the Attendance Policy in the NFHS Handbook located on the school website. A student may return to school after an excused absence.  If a student returns the following school day, the excuses must be turned into the Attendance Box located outside the Student Services Office (next to the elevator at the B & A Hallway). The excuses are to be turned into school within 5 school days from the absence.

All late arrivals and early dismissals MUST be handled through the Student Services Office. Students may not leave school without signing out first. Students MUST sign into school when arriving late regardless of the time arriving. Arriving to school late at the change of classes (when the bell is ringing) is still late to school and the student MUST sign into school at the Student Services Office.

An unexcused absence is when a student has missed ANY portion of a class and has not turned in an excuse in a timely manner.  After (5) unexcused absences, the student may lose credit for the class.

There will be no over the phone or email dismissals. Early dismissals count as an unexcused absence unless it falls under one of the valid reasons for an excused absence mentioned above. On exams days, students must have a signed parent form provided or the parent must come in to sign his/her child out for the day. 

NOTE: Excusing an absence does not mean it is erased. Excusing the absence means there is a legal/valid reason for the absence, but the absence remains on the student’s record.  Please note:  Class picture appointments off campus, DMV and Driver’s Training sessions are not excused absences.

Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for more information. 

Luz Ramos
Student Services (Early Dismissals/Late Arrivals