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Gifted/Talented Program Referral

Please fill out the following form if you would like Nation Ford High School to submit your student's name for gifted and talented testing with Fort Mill School District.

Once this form is completed we will send all information into the Fort Mill School District office and they will determine if your student is eligible for Gifted and Talented testing through Fort Mill School District.

If your student is eligible we will contact you with a testing date. There are summer, fall and spring testing sessions and student's testing sessions may not be until the next season's session once you fill out this form.

Please remember that the only two courses at Nation Ford High School that are restricted to only designated Gifted and Talented Students are English II Honors and English III Honors. If you are not interested in one of these two courses there is no need to participate in Gifted and Talented Testing.

Please contact Megan Keller at or 803-835-0018, with any questions that you may have.