What is HOSA?

What is


HOSA, a non-profit, student-led organization of Future Health Professionals, is the largest international organization operating in schools for students enrolled in

health science and biomedical sciences programs and serving those interested in pursuit of career in health and biomedical professions.  HOSA’s purpose is to

develop leadership and technical competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the instructional

program.  This student-led organization provides opportunities for students to practice and refine their academics, technical, leadership and teamwork skills to

achieve seamless transition from classroom to career.

HOSA assists members to:

  •      Develop effective leadership qualities and skills
  •      Build self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm
  •      Strengthen their academic and technical skills 
  •      Create friendships and social networks
  •      Participate in community service activities
  •      Set realistic career and educational goals
  •      Expand communication and teamwork skills
  •      Develop workplace readiness skills
  •      Understand current healthcare issues

HOSA members have opportunities to:

  •      Celebrate competitive events program accomplishments 
  •      Apply for HOSA scholarships and recognition
  •      Travel to regional, state, and national conferences
  •      Serve as local, regional, state, and national officers
  •      Build their resume
  •      Collaborate with health professionals and future employers
  •      Seek internships in the Office of the Surgeon General and others